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Dr. Al-Alawi
Dr. Talal Al-Alawi
Dr. Munther Al-Alawi
Not only is Al-Alawi Dental Center among the most modern and highly specialized dental centers in Bahrain, it also happens to be the most historical.  Al-Alawi Dental Clinic was founded in 1970 by Dr. Alawi Amin Al-Alawi, the first Bahraini Dentist to practice in Bahrain. 

A Proud Legacy of Dentistry
After graduating from dental school in 1960, Dr. Alawi (1935-2001) worked as a Dental Surgeon at Bahrain’s Ministry of Health.  In 1970, he went on to establish his own private clinic called the Al-Alawi Dental Clinic which earned a well respected reputation in Bahrain.  Because of Dr. Alawi’s highly regarded standing as a skilled Oral & Dental Surgeon, many Dentists from across the region would train at the Al-Alawi Dental Clinic under his guidance. 

Dr. Al-Alawi was very active in the field of Dentistry and worked passionately to establish various organizations for dental professionals with the aim of developing dentistry in Bahrain and bringing the most modern practices to the region.  Dr. Al-Alawi was one of the principal founders of both the Arabic Dental Union and the Bahrain Dental Society.  In 1994, he served as the President of the Bahrain Dental Society. 

Following in his father’s footsteps, Dr. Talal Al-Alawi (son of Dr. Alawi Amin Al-Alawi) became a Dentist, graduating from the prestigious College of Dentistry at New York University and specializing in Dental Implantology.  After working in his father’s clinic for several years as a Consultant Dental Implantologist, he decided to expand the clinic and establish Al-Alawi Dental Center. 

Our Dental Team
Al-Alawi Dental Center was established to offer our patients a highly qualified team of dental professionals with state-of-the-art facilities in a modern and comfortable environment.

Dr. Talal Al-Alawi Managing Director, Consultant Dental Implantologist
Dr. Munther Al-Alawi Dental Surgeon


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