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Because your mouth is one of the focal points of your face, it plays a major role in how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you. And now, taking steps to improve your appearance is an investment in your long-term health and well-being.

Here's a glossary of what some of the most popular treatments can do for your smile… apart from making a lasting impression!

Whitening – Erases unappealing stains and discolorations for a brighter, whiter smile.
White fillings – White composite, porcelain, cast glass, or resin inlays and onlays replace silver-colored fillings.
Veneers – Stains and chips, or overlapping and uneven teeth, may require veneers which are extremely thin but strong porcelain shells that are layered over the front surfaces of natural teeth. Veneers can be designed to improve the proportions of your smile.
Crowns – Teeth that have had root canal treatment or extensive restoration can be repaired and strengthened with a crown that fits over a tooth to restore its normal shape, color, and function.
Implants – If your smile is suffering because of missing teeth, implants may be the answer. They can be an esthetically pleasing alternative to dentures and bridges
Depigmentation of Gums- Dark pigmented gum tissue comes from several causes. These causes include: physiological pigmentation, amalgam “tattoo” (discoloration from silver fillings), and poor crown and margin restorations. This dark pigmentation can be permanently removed using Lasers. The end result is a healthy smile that looks natural and radiates confidence.
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